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  • Alang Alang grass is 100% waterproof when spaced at 100MM
  • Our thatch can be spaced to upto 150MM 
  •  Longevity of the thatch has got to do with pitch of your roof and on how far you space your thatching appart
  • 3 year warranty on Thatching when installed correctly






2.7 LM x 800-1000 MM WIDE




 2.7 LM x 300 MM WIDE


Single Thatch hips are easy to attach with only 4 screws and wire wrapped around the hip.

You dont have to worry about nailing on 50 mudbuks on each corner when single hips already come pre-made






Our Bali-style Thatch is imported directly from Bali, and is made from natural Alang Alang grass. As with all of our products.

White string is used to assemble this alang alang grass.

This thatch has also been designed to be 100% waterproof so that your gazebo can withstand harsher weather conditions and can still be a nice “retreat” even when it’s drizzling outside.  



Alang Alang (white string) 2.7lm x 800-1000mm wide   $20 each

Hips 2.7lm x 300mm    $50 each