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Water Features

There is nothing better than water features to add style to your garden or inside your home. Balihuts4u has a large selection of water features to suit any environment. All water features can be used outside or inside your home.


CWF Mosaic Red Lava Stone

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Stressed? Bored at looking at an empty yard?

Then why not consider a Water Feature from Bali Inspirations.

Water Features are therapeutic they are soothing to one’s health also proven to reduce blood pressure.

Why not purchase one or have it installed by our staff where you are able to sit back and relax on a daybed admiring your yard.They are eye catching when complimented with garden or pond lights. Water Features are a great feature in anyone’s front or backyard. They may also be used indoors with no spillage to worry about.

With over 150 water features on display there is no need to shop around. We are your one stop shop. Prices start from a low $100. We have a variety of designs from Buddha’s, to abstracts, animals, the list goes on. Most of our water features come with a FREE water pump that has a 2 year warranty and a 10m electrical cord. Our water features are available in Concrete, GRC, Terrazzo and Terracotta. Water Features are extremely low maintenance. But if water features is not what you are looking for then maybe you should consider our statutes.